Weekly Personal Chef Services Less of Your Time and Stress  

Kitchening is a lot of stress, especially when you are juggling hundreds of other daily tasks. Think about how much time you spend menu planning (no? cuz you don’t have time!), grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning each week.

If you’re tired of hearing, “What’s for lunch/dinner today”?

If you’re tired of eating unhealthy or flavorless food.

If you hate cooking or just don’t have time, that does not mean you can’t eat tasty and healthy food. 


Call me to save your time and enjoy healthy food. I offer in-home meal services that keep you fit and allow you to follow your dietary plans easily.

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Why Hire Me As Your In-Home Weekly Chef 

There are other reasons than just saving time that my clients have hired me. No doubt that I save you 10+ hours a week, but that’s what every other personal chef in the town would do. 

Here are 3 reasons why more than 1.5k clients hired me, referred me, and still love to call me for their cooking 

I am easy to talk to, straightforward, and transparent 

Cooking is a responsibility. Your life depends on it. Having me as your personal weekly chef means that you can communicate your needs and requirements easily. I listen carefully. Give attention to details. And you can pass this chore to someone you know and trust. 

Cooking is my passion, and I enjoy prepping each dish 

You don’t get this luxury if you order a weekly meal kit delivery. They don’t cater to your taste preferences or customize meal plans. I, as your in-home chef, can adapt to your specific dietary preferences. Whether you are a vegetarian or non-veg, I can prepare a perfect weekly menu for you. 

I follow top-notch sanitation and hygienic protocols 

This is the most crucial thing anyone should be concerned about. I religiously take care of fresh items while shopping for groceries. I thoroughly rinse kitchen utensils and chopping boards, clean your refrigerator, and store food at the correct temperature. You will find everything crystal clear and clean when I leave your kitchen. 

These reasons make me the best choice for my clients. 

Weekly Chef Service Prices

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3 menu items


* 6-18 total meals

4 menu items


* 8-24 total meals

5 menu items


*10-30 total meals

NOTE: The cost of groceries is in addition to the service fee.

Benefits of Hiring Me As Your Weekly Personal Chef 

You don’t need to stress over meal planning, grocery shopping, and hours spent in the kitchen. I take care of all this.

As we pre-plan your meals and customize the menus, there is no chance of food wastage. Unlike meal kit deliveries, there is no excessive packaging or shipping waste associated. You’ll enjoy fresh, delicious meals tailored to your preferences without contributing to environmental waste.

You will enjoy customized, delicious, and nutritious meals in your home. I shop for fresh groceries and high-quality ingredients to 100% fulfill your dietary requirements within your budget. My recipes make your every bite a delight.

As you won’t have mealtime responsibilities, you can focus on your career, hobbies, or spend quality time with loved ones.

What’s Included in In-Home Chef Services

I offer you full-service weekly meals. I will come to your home once a week (or more if you’d like) to cook everything we included in your meal plan. 

Here is what exactly is included in the service

On a video/audio call or a face-to-face meet-up, we will discuss your dietary preference, what you like, your favorite food, etc. I will develop a customized meal plan according to your needs and send it to you; you will approve it or ask for any needed changes weekly. 

After deciding on the meal plan and menus for the week, I will do grocery shopping for you. I will select fresh, high-quality ingredients for each dish to ensure that you receive only the finest produce, meats, and pantry staples for your weekly meals. 

When the grocery shopping is done, I will come to your home to cook the food. I prepare 2-6 portions of each dish, individually packaged for convenience and portion control. If you prefer one pot dish for the whole family, I can do that. I will package, label, and store the food in your refrigerator.

I leave your kitchen sparkling clean, with all utensils, countertops, and appliances washed and sanitized.


Know more about my services in the FAQs below. 

Yes, it will be better. It also ensures that I select ingredients within your preferred price range while maintaining the quality and variety of your meals. Please also share your preferred grocery stores.

I provide flexible options for reheating or freezing meals according to your preferences. Whether you prefer freshly prepared dishes or batch cooking for future convenience, I ensure that each meal is packaged and labeled for easy reheating or freezing, maintaining its flavor and quality.

Certainly! I am able to accommodate various dietary plans, including weight loss and muscle gain. I craft meals with a focus on balanced nutrition and portion control, ensuring they align with your specific nutritional requirements and fitness objectives.

Our pricing for weekly chef services varies based on the number of menu items (dishes) selected. Choose 2-6 servings per dish at no extra service fee.

3 menu items is $300 (6-18 total meals)

4 menu items are $325 (8-24 total meals)

5 menu items are $350 (10-30 total meals)

NOTE: The cost of groceries is in addition to the service fee.

Yes. You can request specific brands or organic products for your meals. I strive to accommodate your preferences and ensure that the ingredients used meet your standards for quality and sustainability.

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