Your Event + Our Food = Unforgettable Experience 

So…your most awaited (big) event is around the corner. Your favorite people are coming!

You know that prepping the meal is one the most important tasks on your “plate” 😉 

It’s not like cooking food for 2 or 4 family members. There are 10-100+ people.

It’s going to get HECTIC. 

And what about your plans during the event?

  • You thought of business networking with guests. The event is your money-making opportunity. 
  • You were planning to have fun and make memories with loved ones. 
  • You really just want to relax and enjoy your guests!

But event catering… is ruining your plans. You are worried about what and how you will serve in the event.

Well, no worries…That’s where livegreenspdx comes into the picture. Hire us as your event catering chef and get your time and mental peace back. We have been catering for 15+ years. So you are in a safe pair of hands—100%.

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Livegreenspdx Event Catering Service Reviews (& Love) From Clients

3 Reasons 1500+ Event Organizers have hired us…(and why you should, too)

We have catered in a variety of settings and for all types of events, from celebrity gatherings to weddings to baby showers to two-person anniversary dinners. Here are 3 reasons that make us your best choice (and one of the primary reasons we get 80% of our business via referrals). 

We are super easy and friendly to coordinate with

That means we can easily fit in whatever the situation is. We listen to your needs carefully and implement your preferences 100%. You will only hear fantastic things about livegreenspdx from your guests.

We know how to customize dishes to your tastes

You will get a variety of dishes catered to your party’s dietary needs. We develop and plan gluten-free and allergy-friendly meals.  If you ask, we can craft a delicious multi-course menu for you.

You get your food ready on time and served professionally 

The timing of preparing and serving the food is crucial in any event. So, we arrive promptly and deliver the food on time. All to help facilitate your joy and memory-making!

Sound like you found your perfect chef?

Event Catering Service Prices

$300 minimum for any catering

4 course menu


5 course menu


6 course menu


  • Groceries included. 
  • Any serving ware, dish ware, linens, etc that are not provided but needed is an additional cost from a rental company (will be delivered) unless disposable is requested.

Why me

Extra benefits you’ll get after hiring us as your event catering chef 

Perfectly and professionally cooked meals. 

When people don’t hire a “seasoned” (and funny!) chef, they get overcooked/undercooked food, too salty, under- or over-seasoned meals that taste horrible. None of them will happen if you hire us. Guaranteed.

Top-notch hygiene while cooking, plus no mess in the kitchen.

While cooking, we follow all safety protocols. We believe that delicious taste is bound and obligated to how much one cares about cleanliness. Also, when done cooking, we crystal-clean the cooking area (kitchen).

You enjoy the event with no cooking stress. 

This is one of the most luxurious benefits of all. You don’t need to worry about cooking, serving, washing endless dishes, or anything related to that. Enjoy your event. We will take care of the food. 

What’s included in event catering services 

When you hire us, you will get the following service items; 

Menu preparation

We’ll have an initial call to understand your food preferences, dietary restrictions, and allergies to curate a menu that suits your event theme and tastes. From appetizers to desserts, every dish will be thoughtfully crafted and prepared to ensure a delightful culinary experience.

Food delivery and serving

Your selected menu will be prepared and delivered to your event venue at the specified time. We’ll oversee the serving process to ensure that each dish is presented beautifully and served with efficiency and professionalism.


After the festivities, We’ll handle the cleanup and ensure that your event space is spotless and sanitized. We’ll also handle post-event kitchen cleaning.

Rentals (if needed)

If you are planning a large event and need rental items such as tables, chairs, or tableware, we can coordinate the order and delivery of needed items.

Drinks + beverages

We can provide you with a selection of premium drinks and beverages, including wine pairings and crafted mock/cocktails beautifully presented to complement your chosen menu. We’ll arrange for the provision and service of beverages to enhance your guests’ dining experience.

What we need to know before catering your event 

There are a few key details we need to ensure everything is just right:

Tell us what and when you’re celebrating and the expected number of guests attending. Is it an intimate gathering or a grand affair? Knowing the occasion and headcount helps us plan accordingly.

Let us know your preferred serving style—whether it’s plated, family-style, or buffet. Additionally, share any specific cuisines or dishes you have in mind, and we’ll work our culinary magic to bring your vision to life.

Inform us of any dietary preferences, food restrictions, or allergies among your guests. Whether it’s gluten-free, vegetarian, or nut allergies, we’ll ensure every dish caters to everyone’s needs.

Share any must-have dishes or ingredients that are essential to your event’s menu. Conversely, inform us of any ingredients or dishes to avoid. Your input ensures that every bite is tailored to your tastes and preferences.


Know more about my services in the FAQs below. 

We cater to whatever someone needs a chef for– no matter the occasion. We’ve catered for baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, paella parties, BBQs, etc.

 It’s best to book in advance. But we understand that plans can change unexpectedly. So, if our schedule allows, we can accommodate last-minute bookings and menu changes whenever possible. 

Our pricing structure for event catering services typically depends on the type of event, amount of people, selected menu, and any additional add-ons requested. Please share details of your event and we can send you a quote!

Yes, we offer tastings so that you can give me feedback. This helps livegreenspdx develop a menu that aligns with your vision.

We serve throughout the greater Portland Metro area. Whether your event is in downtown Portland, Hillsboro, Oregon City, wine country, Ridgefield, or any surrounding area, we are equipped to cater to your location with excellence and professionalism.

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