Personal Chef in Portland, Oregon

Healthy, delicious, and gluten-free meals (from an experienced personal chef) that make your dining experience elegant. Get 100% custom menus, based on your dietary preferences

Who doesn’t love healthy and savory food? We all do. We know that “We Are What We Eat.” Our meals directly affect our physical, mental, and emotional health.

They say → Health is Wealth.

We say → Food is Health.

But…Some find cooking to be stressful. Others struggle to prepare healthy meals. Many are tired of eating the same recipes every week, or hearing the same question: “Mooom! What’s for dinner!?” Some prioritize other essential tasks, such as work and family, over cooking. Imagine saving 10+ hours each week and reprioritizing your precious time elsewhere.

Sounds familiar?

Eating is such a big part of most cultures, and impacts our ability to connect socially and culturally. Let’s say you have an event coming up next week. You have to cook for 20-100+ guests but don’t know how to cater, which stresses you out.

If any of these problems resonate, you are at the right place.

Are you looking for 1 of these 3 Personal Chef Services?

Family Having a Christmas Dinner Together. They are chatting and eating while experiencing an elegant In-Home Dining.

In-Home Dining


In-Home Dining Experience

You are celebrating your special occasion… 

And you don’t want to go to a noisy restaurant…

But want to have a feel of a luxurious hotel in your home…

I’ve got you covered with my exclusive in-home dining experience. 

Event Catering Services 

Stressed out over catering for your upcoming event?

I cater for all types of occasions anywhere in the greater Portland metro area. 

You will enjoy custom menus as per your dietary preferences. 

But that’s not all. I have more for you.

A table decorated with flowers and culinary for a catering event.

Event Catering

A personal chef is pouring wine on glasses in the kitchen.

Weekly Chef


Weekly Chef Services 

It’s not like the weekly meal kit. 

I will come to your kitchen with fresh groceries (sometimes from my wife’s garden!) and cook a weekly customized menu. 

Service includes grocery shopping, cooking, portioning to preferred calories, and cleaning. 

This saves the average family 10+ hours weekly – imagine getting 5200 hours of your life back each year! My wife grows thyme – I help you get back time.

You will get your kitchen crystal clean. Better than I found it. 

I have been cheffing for over 15+ years. 

2000+ customers tasted my recipes. 

And they vouch for my cooking expertise.


Yes, I have a degree in culinary arts and am insured as a personal chef service provider. My clients know that I adhere to all necessary regulations and standards to ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience. 

I received my Culinary Arts Certification in 2006 from Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI, and trained under Chef Jeffrey Lorenz. I pursued education in Italian, Asian, Mexican, Indian, braised meats, and smoked, Texas BBQ, and I have created thousands of recipes.

Absolutely! My weekly chef services are completely customizable to suit your family’s preferences. I consider your dietary restrictions and favorite flavors to tailor each menu to ensure it aligns perfectly with your tastes and needs. You can give as much or little input to each menu as you’d like – your satisfaction is my priority.

Yes, I go grocery shopping each morning, and am happy to go to your preferred store. (Please note groceries are not included in the service fee.) From fresh produce to high-quality proteins and pantry staples, I ensure that everything needed to create delicious and nutritious meals is included. You can count on me to handle all the shopping and preparation so you can enjoy hassle-free dining.

I prioritize food safety and sanitation. I stick to strict hygiene standards, including regular handwashing and sanitization of cooking surfaces. Additionally, I follow proper food handling procedures to prevent contamination. Rest assured, your health and well-being are my top priorities.

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